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Coach Brad McKee

Coach Brad McKee with his family
Coach Brad McKee shooting target practice as a Marine Corps Shout Sniper
Coach Brad McKee finishes the DHP run

Coach Brad McKee is a known figure in the realm of coaching, standing as a testament to experience and expertise. With an impressive tally of over 18,500 classes successfully led, his coaching background positions him as a seasoned mentor with knowledge and understanding that few can rival. Each class taught has allowed him to hone his skills, adapt his approach, and fine-tune his coaching style to best serve the needs of his athletes.

Prior to his coaching career, Coach Brad McKee served as a Sniper in the United States Marine Corps. This experience has greatly contributed to his coaching abilities, particularly in the realm of observation skills. As a sniper, attention to detail and acute awareness were paramount for success. These attributes have seamlessly transitioned into his coaching practice, allowing him to keenly observe athletes, identify areas for improvement, and provide precise guidance to maximize their potential.

While there is a time and place for up-close tactile cues in coaching, Coach Brad McKee’s style primarily relies on learned verbal and nonverbal cues from a distance. His extensive experience and finely honed observation skills enable him to recognize even subtle movements, imbalances, or patterns that may impact an athlete’s performance. This ability to assess and offer guidance remotely fosters independence and self-awareness in athletes, empowering them to make adjustments and improvements on their own.

Coach Brad McKee’s coaching style emphasizes the importance of clear communication and effective cues. Through concise verbal instructions and deliberate nonverbal cues, he can effectively guide athletes to make necessary adjustments without constant in your face coaching. This approach not only enhances athletes’ proprioceptive awareness but also encourages them to develop a deeper understanding of their own bodies and movements.

Just like a sniper’s precision, Coach Brad McKee’s observation-based coaching allows for a holistic perspective on an athlete’s progress. By viewing the bigger picture and noticing patterns over time, he can provide valuable feedback that goes beyond isolated moments. This approach ensures that athletes receive guidance that addresses the root causes of any issues or limitations, fostering long-term growth and improvement.

In addition to his sniper-influenced coaching style, Coach Brad McKee’s genuine care and investment in his clients’ success sets him apart. Although his approach may seem direct on the surface, he possesses a big heart and a deep commitment to his clients, both in the gym and in life. His coaching extends beyond the physical realm, supporting athletes in their pursuit of a fulfilling and balanced life. Whether it’s offering advice on nutrition, mindset, or goal-setting, Coach Brad McKee’s guidance transcends the gym walls, ensuring his clients are equipped to thrive in all areas of life.

In Coach Brad McKee, athletes find a coach who not only pushes them to excel physically but also cares deeply about their personal growth and overall well-being. His unique combination of experience as a Marine Corps Sniper, astute observation skills, and genuine care creates a coaching experience that is both challenging and nurturing. Through his expertise, athletes develop the capacity to surpass short-term goals, embracing a lifelong pursuit of strength, wellness, and personal growth. Coach Brad McKee’s guidance empowers athletes to become self-aware, independent, and resilient, ensuring they thrive not just in CrossFit but also in the enduring journey of life.